September 29, 2011

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Nurture Each Other

In 2007 Hubby and I attended a marriage seminar conducted by Mark Gungor called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage." We weren't having problems at the time but saw this as an opportunity to strengthen our marriage.  You can read my post about it here.

I think it's so important to nurture your marriage through the years and not just tend to it when things aren't looking so good.

One of the ways I've continued to nurture my marriage is by continuing to listen to Mark Gungor on his daily radio show. Last week Friday he had one of the best shows full of marital advice that I've heard and I would like to share it with you.  You can listen to the radio podcast here:
In our 21 years of marriage we have faced almost all of the issues that are discussed in this program.

I have to tell you that Mark is extremely crazy but he is also full of wonderful, Christian-based advice that would help any couple who is willing to listen.

His main website is here, where you can access all of his archived podcasts and listen to his daily radio show live at 11:00 AM Eastern time.

This week we have put the babies into the chicken coop with Adelita.  I didn't think they were ready yet, because even when they were roaming free in the yard Adelita would act aggressively and peck at them if they got too close.  We have had them spend hours cooped up together but interestingly, the babies stay outside when Adelita is in the coop.  I am not ready to put them all inside of the coop for the night so each night we return the babies to the garage where they've been staying.  One of these days we'll force them to be together overnight and pray for the best. 

It is so funny to watch Marley and Smores.  They love to fly at each other and they look like little popcorn kernels exploding.  One flies toward the other and then that one flies away.  It's pop, pop, pop!  I need to take a video of this - it is so cute!!

What else...boring daily life stuff and (hallelujah!) finally getting sales at Four Eyes Designs after a month or so of nothing.  Right now the popcorn boxes seem to be super hot, especially customized ones, so I've been busy with that. 

This weeks guilty time waster?  Watching the Michael Jackson / Conrad Murray trial.  Love how speedy the questioning has been so far.  Anyone else watching?

Hope you have a loving and creative week!

September 23, 2011

FABULOUS FINDS - Colorful Prints

I adore this print at 29BlackStreet
Available for $16.00 right here.  Click the link above to view her entire shop...she does amazing work!

September 15, 2011


I didn't tell you about my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I took the day off of work -- mainly to pick up my son from early release -- but I was also able to spend the morning doing fun things (scrapping, reading, enjoying some coffee).  I knew something was up though because my kids were WAY too excited about my birthday, though they never spilled the beans.  In fact they told me that it was "going to be my best day ever - even better than the day I had them!"

Before Hubby left for work he told me that there would be something coming that afternoon.  I demanded that he tell me what in the world is going on!  I just knew that the excitement surrounding my birthday had to be for a good reason.

Well, as I was starting to suspect, my family had bought me a new 50" plasma tv - something I had been dreaming about for several months - and a new tv cabinet for it to sit on.  The tv is awesome!  Hubby chose a cherry finish tv stand with glass panel doors and it looked completely out of place with our old country style furnishings sooo...I had just happened to read about a liquidation sale at one of our local furniture places and I suggested we go look at a new coffee table and end table since our current oak tables were in serious need of refinishing.  To be honest, I had been ready for a new "style" as well so the more modern cherry finish with glass paneling that Hubby had chosen was perfect.  The furnishings there were still plentiful and we ended up buying a whole new living room set - a rich chocolate brown microfiber and deep brown leather two-tone couch and loveseat with end tables, coffee table and sofa table with rock inlay in a cherry finish and two lamps for the price we would have paid for the sofa alone.  We couldn't pass it up.  So now, suddenly, I have a whole new living room all thanks for my birthday!!

We are doing it all backward because now we need to decide what color we want to paint the walls -- think that will wait for awhile yet though.

I will have to take some better photos during the daylight and when it's cleaned up a bit but here's a sneak at the new additions.

 And Smores and Marley on Sep. 5th.  (around 4 weeks old I think?)

September 9, 2011


I have been off all week.  I missed a dental appointment on Tuesday, every day I've had to ask myself which day of the week it was, and yesterday I completely forgot to post a Thursday Thoughts.  I can't wait for the weekend.  Maybe my internal day-clock will be reset. 

This week is less of an update and more of my Thoughts. 

What if...

I am currently reading this book about a 12 year old boy who has leukemia and he was just told that he'd have about two weeks to live.  I thought about that for a long time this morning. 

What if...

If I knew that when I close my eyes tonight I would never open them again, how would I spend my last day?  

Would it be the same as every other day?  Would I go about my life like I have 1,000 tomorrows to live or would I spend it holding my family members so close we became one breathing unit?  Would I spend it crying for the loss I knew was coming or would I (could I?) spend it with new enthusiasm to experience everything I loved just one more time? 

The honest answer:  I don't know.

Then I got to thinking about some of the ways I passively spend my time, reading blogs, message boards and the like.  Do these things really enrich my life? 

What if each of us had a number above our heads showing how many days we had left to live.  Would we change the way we treat one another?  Would we expect more of ourselves?  Would we show more respect and kindness to others?

I have observed that women - particularly on the internet - can be quite brutal to one another.  And that makes me wonder how much we truly benefit our lives by spending our precious time there?

I think about creating a "bucket list" and I don't even know where to begin.  There are so many things I'd like to do. 

I have a gazillion craft ideas all spinning in my head at once.  I usually feel like I'm walking down a grocery store aisle looking straight ahead.  My peripheral vision catches so many things all around me--colors, sizes, uses, ideas--that it can be overwhelming. 

I want to write.  Story ideas keep floating around but I can't/don't even focus my energies on them.  How can I squeeze it in?

My family.   If they knew my time was coming to an end, would they love me differently?   Or would we all continue living our own busy lives?  Connected through blood, but far apart in real life?

So many questions I don't even know where to begin.  And today, my day of pondering "what if" I have a massive migraine and feel like crawling into bed.  But what if ... what if this really were my very last day?   How will I spend it?

FABULOUS FINDS - Gorgeous Gem Lamp

This find really speaks for itself...can you imagine how beautiful it would be whether lit with sunlight or light bulb...mesmerizing.  

You can purchase it at Capitol Lighting for a mere $2,300. 

September 2, 2011

FABULOUS FINDS - From the Summer Craft & Hobby Show

Here are a bunch of the new releases that caught my eye.

Bella Blvd. Too Cute to Spook
Spooky Night Patterned Paper

Simple Stories Baby Steps
Patterned Paper and Elements

Webster's Pages All About Me Trims
 and Botanical Christmas Flowers

Pink Paislee Nantucket Chipboard Tiles

 Pebble's Fresh Goods Hexagon
Simple Joys patterned paper

Studio Calico Autumn Press 
Die Cut Polka Dot Pink Patterned Paper

My Minds Eye Lost and Found Rosy 
(I like this whole collection-here are a few of my favorites)

Special thanks to Stop and Scrap for most of the images used in this post. 

September 1, 2011

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Enjoying the last of summer

I took last Thursday off of work so that Hubby and I could celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.  I suggested breakfast at the Pancake House (not the chain restaurant) and enjoyed buttermilk pancakes, a fried egg and bacon.  It was such a gorgeous day out that we decided to head up to Devil's Lake for the day.  Even though Hubby and I are both Wisconsin natives neither of us had been there. 
It was about an hour's drive from Madison.  Weather was in the 70's with a nice breeze and sunny skies.  We arrived about 10 AM.  I had a bright idea to rent a boat and spend some time out on the lake.  Hubby decided a paddle boat would work better for the four of us rather than a canoe or row boat.  That was his bright idea.  After pushing the paddle boat away from shore and getting my good tennis shoes soaking wet, I jumped in and we quickly learned what a pain in the ass navigating a paddle boat is.  I was ready to go back within 15 minutes and Hubby was not thrilled with this activity either.  We pushed on, cycling our legs for nearly two hours, taking turns with the kids when we needed a break.  After we got used to the cycling it wasn't so bad but our return trip was against wind and it felt like we were not moving at all. 

After the boat ride we had some lunch and then sat on the beach for awhile.  I noticed my legs were feeling like they were getting sunburned though they weren't pink whatsoever.  I decided it was time to get out of the sun.  I don't typically sunburn but apparently being out on the water was all it took.  My legs got bright red soon after we left and I regretted only putting sunscreen on my arms thinking we would be hiking. 

It was a great time spent together and that's all that matters.

Sunday we went to Hubby's work picnic.  They rented sumo suits and Hubby had fun kicking some booty. 

And here are some recent pics of the chicks at two weeks old.  I think I've settled on Marley for my chick's name.  What do you think?



Quote for the week:
The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.
                        ~ Unknown

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