February 6, 2007

I'm Alive!

Life has been crazy for me this past week, that and the cold has made me want to hibernate. Winter has hit Wisconsin like an icy cold slap in the face. Schools were closed yesterday due to the extreme cold. I still had to work. Bummer. Staying in bed a little longer sounded heavenly Monday morning.

I'm busy working on reviews right now. I couldn't wait to start playing with the Sandylion Love Collection. I seem to be caught in a red/cream/blue phase. I've been busy altering a frame to give to hubby for Valentine's Day. I will also be entering it into the Mr. Mush altered item contest. I simply just haven't had enough "me" time lately. I really wish I could call in sick sometimes just to stay home and play but my conscience would never allow it.

I did receive some exciting news over the weekend though, my layout "Power to Fly" was named as the I Deserve It All Kit Contest Winner at Serendipity Scrapbooks. I won a $20 gift certificate. That's the second time I've won that contest. I ***LOVE*** their kits.

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