April 7, 2007


Celebrated hubby's birthday today. He picked a pirate theme party after I talked him into buying a full Pirates of the Carribean costume. (Hello....Johnny Depp!) Ah, where was I now I distracted myself....

Ahhh, yes....
picture me and hubby standing side-by-side putting our makeup on this morning. He got to learn all about eyeliner! I dared him to run his errands in full costume this morning. He went to the bakery to pick up the cake and the grocery store for some jelly beans. Surprisingly people did not react too strangely. Only in Madison, I guess, can you walk around dressed as a pirate and people still think you are sane.

We put some pirate flags along our driveway, bought a small treasure chest and filled it with gold chocolate coins and jelly beans (jewels). We also had a skull mug filled with jelly beans. Brats, hamburgers, beans, potatoes, fruit salad, veggie salad, relishes, chips, dips, beer, coffee, cake and ice cream. YUM!!

I can't share what happened after that, but let's just say hubby had all the ladies giggling!

I know I look sexy.

Ahoy, me maties. Where's me bottle of rum [er...Jack Daniels]?

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