May 7, 2007


We've been talking about camping for awhile now. It's not my favorite thing to do - I much prefer warm, clean washroom facilities! - but this weekend we finally did it . . . in our backyard!

DH put up our tent in our backyard and the kids went nuts. We had decided to cook out that night. We grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, sweet corn and potatoes. I gathered up our camping supplies and headed out to "camp" shortly before dinner time. DH started a fire in our fire pit and set up the chairs around it. We sat and enjoyed the day, the fire and each other.

We ate dinner on our picnic table with paper plates and plastic utensils. Delicious! Afterward I took a few of the things back in the house and when I came out we sat around the fire and toasted marshmallows and made s'mores. It was so much fun!!

We headed into our tent as the sun went down and snuggled up in a giant sleeping bag (3 sleeping bags zipped together) big enough for the four of us to sleep in. DH and I stayed in the middle and had the kids on the outside. I slept well. It was so warm and toasty in there! I think we'll have to camp again this year!

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