February 25, 2009


My daughter is turning into such a big girl....almost 11 years old and that "little girl" look is starting to fade away. Her dad and I know that changes are happening....it's pretty uncomfortable to see your little girl grow up to *that* age.

1. No more blissful school days making spray-painted noodle necklaces and playing on the monkey bars with your friends.

2. That whole *sex* talk with your Mom & Dad.

3. The changes to your body that you are totally psyched to have happen. (What were we thinking??)

4. Welcome to the world of middle school...never ending homework, unstable female emotions and algebra.

5. Competition. Sports, friends, boys, grades, clothing, money.

6. Drugs and Alcohol.

7. You want to try being the tooth fairy for your little brother.

8. Parents are no longer your friend (at least you don't want them to think they are)!

9. Wanting alone time.

10. Getting to wear makeup and changing your hair color.

This week Katie was allowed to put hot pink highlights into her hair and BOY IS SHE EXCITED to have it! She can't believe we allowed her to do it, but I smile and think she looks adorable. I tell her that she's at a perfect age for this kind of fun stuff with her hair. I love seeing her so happy!

What will we be faced with next?

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