March 9, 2009


If you saw last week's challenge you may remember that I had a little stockpile of Fancy Pants' 12" x 12" chipboard...well, I couldn't resist that same splurge when their 12" x 12" packs of felt came out...loved it, but, lots to use up! So, here's what I did with it this week.

Title: Sandy Shoes
Cardstock (Prism)
Felt (Fancy Pants)
Sticker (3 Bugs in a Rug)
Die Cut Alpha (Tinkering Ink)
Acrylic Paint (Making Memories)
Punch (Fiskars)
Other: journaling tag, circle tag, buttons, small die cut alpha
Adhesive (Ad Tech, Scotch)

Monday morning you had some trouble finding your hiking boots, but once you found them you brought them into your bedroom where I was waiting to put them on. Daddy came in to see if he could help when you turned the shoe upside down high in the air and began shaking it.

"There is a lot of sand in my shoe!" you tell us.

I laugh because you're doing this over your bedroom carpet, and it's too late for me to stop it.

Thankfully this morning your shoes were not full of sand. That's quite unusual. About a week ago I went to put your shoes on and sand POURED out all over the carpet. I'm not even sure how you had your feet in there! I reminded you that last time I took them outside and dumped the sand into the grass. Ah well, these are little things and I'm proud of myself for laughing instead of worrying.

The carpet will be vacuumed eventually.

The Rules: Projects must be NEWLY created for this challenge. Traditional or Hybrid OK. Deadline for this challenge: March 31st. Winner will be chosen randomly and receive a lovely RAK from me! :D Have fun!

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