May 21, 2009


Hey all...hope I didn't scare off my blog lurkers with that last post of mine...tee hee!!

I had a total "SAY WHAT??" moment this morning. Perhaps I still have a lot of country in my was a damn good place to grow up! So when I heard the familiar sound of a CROP DUSTER nearby this morning it brought back lots of fun memories. Every time the crop duster flew nearby I'd run outside with my breakfast (buttered toast) and watch him. We would wave and he'd wave back and do a few aerial maneuvers above us. We thought this was the coolest thing EVAH.

So imagine my surprise when I overheard the morning news channel state "100's of calls have been received by local police reporting a low flying plane...."



My verbal comment flew out and smacked the news anchor square in the face...."It's a crop duster you idiots!!" And "apparently nobody looked out of their windows to actually LOOK at the plane." Hell, no.

And as I tried to give some leeway for the panic vomit that Americans are so quick to spew, I was shaking my head thinking what kind of life we lead to be so scared and on guard every second of our lives.

It really ties in with my obsession du jour (or maybe the year?) which is Eminem's new CD released on Tuesday, Relapse. The CD has gotten very favorable reviews but also some very loud and far-reaching criticism over his "dark" lyrics.

He often writes in his songs how sensitive people are and I agree. Anyone who knows his music knows to expect some dark inner thoughts, violence, swearing and everything else you can think of that could be shocking to a listener.

So when I see a negative review about how "dark" the lyrics are I'm wondenirg what it is exactly people were expecting? If he puts out a "pop-ish" song like We Made You it's crap, but his true rap style (which is unplayable on the radio) is too dark??

I'll admit that the very first time I heard Eminem I didn't like it. It was shocking! But he was doing something totally different! It's going to feel a bit weird the first time you put it on. It didn't take me long at all to fall in love, especially with his poetic lyrics and my ear for the words and rhyme.

That said, this CD is his best yet as far as I'm concerned. Dark, yeah. Shocking, yeah. Different, hell yeah. Take a listen to it with an open mind. Expect to be shocked, then sit back and admire the insane rhyming skill and the beats that Dre put behind them. It is tight and deserves five stars.

Tell me what you think.

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