November 25, 2009


So...I got some writing done this week...yeah! Unfortunately, it wasn't my best work and this little bit I'm sharing with you today is from Chapter 13:
It was only two years ago since this sick [f-word] was convicted of child molestation. He had victimized his nine year old niece over a period of years before anyone found out. The news reported that she was so traumatized she’d gone mute and began wetting her bed. Two years and he’s a free man. Two years… It was just incomprehensible how a dirt bag like this can get off so easily when this poor girl’s life was ruined. This guy deserved to die and she was going to see to it.

She checked her watch again and saw it was time for action.
It's funny how story lines can pop into your head at the strangest moments. Today I was pondering my quiet personality and it led me to think up a twist in the novel. I'm excited to have a more immediate direction to write, and I think that will help greatly this next week. Until then....

Untilted Novel
Word Count: 8.098

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