June 5, 2009


This week I am starting a new feature called "Friday Flashback." Every Friday I will blog about something from my past. You can reminisce with me or learn some more about me. It was a few weeks ago that I read one of those "remember when" emails and realized how different my kids' lives are from my own...I had even forgotten about some of the things listed! So, that is where this feature came into mind. I hope you enjoy it!
This week I pulled out Journey's Greatest Hits CD. Journey was a big part of my life in the early to mid 80's and listening to them again brought back a lot of memories.

Some of my favorites include "Faithfully" (a song which I find almost impossible not to sing along with), Open Arms (so sad to me right now) and "Who's Crying Now" (a song I cried to after a breakup...ironic a bit, no?).

Music has always been a HUGE part of my life and emotions and Journey was definitely involved at the crucial juncture in my life from high school into adult hood.

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