June 10, 2009

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - And so it begins....

Little Girl had her graduation ceremony this past Tuesday. I wasn't aware that this had become a huge deal. There was an hour long ceremony followed by cake and punch. It was a very touching event and I couldn't help but fight back the tears. Why, I wasn't quite sure, but it felt much like weddings where no matter whose wedding I attend, the Wedding March always brings tears to my eyes, or when I hear Amazing Grace.I simply cannot avoid the tears. (That song gives me goosebumps as well.)

Here she is being congratulated by her teacher, Miss T. Little Girl loves Miss T. and brought her a few of our pink peonies, some Tootsie Rolls (because her teacher LOVES chocolate...personally I don't consider Tootsie Rolls chocolate but that's a whole 'nother topic) and a handwritten note of appreciation and love.
Next year she'll be a Middle Schooler!
Unfortunately the event didn't go without some major mishap...namely Little Girl was the ONLY kid in the graduating class who did not receive a graduation certificate. She was handed someone else's certificate while up on stage so it looked legit. Once the ceremony ended and Hubby and I met up with Little Girl I noticed she wasn't holding her certificate. So I asked her where it was. BIG mistake! Suddenly she's fighting off tears while people are swirling all around us to reach the cake and punch sugar-fest. I steered her down the hall a bit so we were out of the way and tried to figure out what was going on.

Hubby grabbed the principal and asked him about it. He was very apologetic and assured Little Girl that she had indeed graduated and that her teacher had just made a mistake. It took a few minutes but she eventually felt okay with this and she practically skipped to the cake and punch line.

I felt horrible. I've so been there, where either intentionally or not, you are overlooked. I know how badly that hurts no matter the reason or circumstances. I hope she'll forget this much sooner than I will.

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