March 30, 2010


UPDATE:  The Plum Passion button set has been sold.

Did you see it???

For a few weeks I've been hinting at new products to be arriving in my store and they have finally started to be listed...polymer clay buttons!!

I have been having so much fun playing with the polymer clay! I've got tons more to list and card and right now these are selling for $1.00/set. SUPER cheap but I'm still learning so I don't feel right charging more. Besides, this is a creative outlet for me, not a money maker.

I am still struggling with finding good ways to photograph my products, and this is especially difficult with buttons. Hard to get the proper coloring of them in the photos.

So far this has to be one of my favorite techniques, the stripes and what better than to do the colors of my favorite ice cream, neopolitan! You can see more pictures and purchase these buttons here: Neopolitan Buttons.

And here's the Plum Passion button set. The silver clay is sparkly and looks gorgeous in person! This also is one of my favorite techniques, laying the silver criss-cross strips over the plum clay to create these patterned buttons! I imagine you'll see more of this style in the future.

There are more button sets listed and more to come! Enjoy!

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