April 8, 2010

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - I don't know whether to laugh or cry

I have to start this off with the big excitement for the week.  A few days ago Hubby decided to give my son a buzz cut since (a) it's getting warmer and (b) he doesn't take care of his hair.  So it went well and he looked great.  The next night while in the shower my son got the bright idea to pick up one of his sister's razors and use it on his head.  He said he didn't think it would cut his hair, but surprise, it did...a lot.  I am thankful he didn't cut himself.

What this picture doesn't show is a patch about an inch behind this strip that is also bald, making a nice stripe over most of the top of his head.

We didn't have time to fix this last night so he went to school looking like this today.  Thankfully his day went well despite the new hairdo.  Our only option would be to shave his head completely, but for now, he wants to keep it like this.  I think he believes his hair will suddenly grow back not realizing how long it will take.  I feel so bad every time I look at him, but I also can't stop laughing about it.  I know that this will be something we'll laugh about for years to come. 

This past weekend we went roller skating.  I have been wanting to skate for a long time and we finally got out to do it.  I hadn't been on skates for, oh, about 20 years I'd guess and it was ROUGH at the beginning.  I mean, like I couldn't even take a step in skates. 

I had my daughter help me get onto the rink and then I skated back and forth up and down the wall until I felt comfortable enough that I wasn't going to fall down.  It wasn't going to well, but I decided to just bite the bullet and skated away from the safety of teh wall.  Once I got going I actually got comfortable on the skates quite quickly and only fell down three times in three hours...not too bad!  My son, however, fell down about 40 times.  Poor guy. 

One of my falls was a nasty one that resulted in me skidding along on my right knee resulting in a large 1" blood blister along with some bruising.  I sat out for about 15 minutes with ice on it, and iced it again when I got home.  It hurt for a few days but it was nothing serious. 

Easter was fabulous.  I'd bought the kids some small gifts, a Cadbury egg for each of us (LOVE those things!) and flip flops and a toy for each of the kids.  My son got a Matchbox semi truck and my daughter got some cute little socks and a Chinese jump rope.  I bought hubby a Bop It.  We ate at Old Country Buffet for breakfast, mainly because we didn't have a lot of time before church. 

The sermon at church was really meaningful to me, talking about how God not only forgives us our sins, but also "forgets" about them.  As in, he doesn't dwell on them or bring them back up after we've asked for forgiveness.  If I learned to apply that to my own life I'd be so much happier with myself.  I tend to dwell on the negative things and it has never served me well.  If only I could let it go...so yeah, it was meaningful.

After church we had lunch at my brother's house and celebrated my niece's 17th birthday.  We bought her a ducky Pez dispenser and a hula hoop!  I also gave her some money, but that's so lame.  I always like to give presents if I can.  I had some interesting political discussions with my parents and brother (typically I avoid this topic) and honestly, we've never been much in the way of communication so any lengthy conversation is unusual and a pleasant surprise.  So all in all it was quite a nice afternoon.

Hubby's dad and wife came up later that afternoon and we ordered pizza.  FIL, the kids and I played Wii bowling while Hubby gave MIL a massage to help her get over some serious pain and tension.  We ended the evening by watching Evan Almighty on TV.

Till next week...spring showers are bringing flowers!

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