April 23, 2010

FRIDAY FAVES - Smashbox Cosmetics

Several weeks ago I mentioned splurging on some Smashbox cosmetics.  Well, I've been so pleased that I needed to add a few of these to my Friday Faves.  Interestingly enough two of my new FAVES were samples that I chose and now MUST HAVE THEM.

First sample was of the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($36).  I chose this as my last sample just because it was the only one I hadn't selected yet.  This is a product I would never think necessary for me.  I am very natural with my makeup and less is more.  But this primer made my skin feel so smooth, even smoother than a baby's skin, and it allowed my makeup to just glide on.  It felt like I didn't need to use as much makeup because of this flawless primer.  It also makes my skin smell wonderful.  It's pricey, but I highly recommend it!

Next was another sample I chose - the Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer ($30).  My sample came in Luminous.  I apply a pea sized amount to my face and it looks like I spent the afternoon in the sun.  A lovely luminous glow brightens my whole face.  If I was in a hurry I could just apply this and feel gorgeous.  This is my favorite product so far!

Lastly I ordered the full sized Blush Rush Blush in Paradise ($24).  Paradise is described as a "warm golden apricot."  It goes on smoothly and complements my skin tone so nicely.  I think the golden shimmer also adds some wonderful radiance to my face. 

As I mentioned when I purchased these products, I do not typically spend this kind of money on my makeup.  I can go without makeup and feel just fine so why spend a fortune on my makeup?  After giving these a try however, I must say that they are all worth the price and make me look forward to applying my makeup every day.  Also, if you register and order online (www.smashbox.com) you can earn Pretty Points to apply toward future purchases and all orders come with free samples.  You end up getting quite a bit more for your money.

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