April 29, 2010

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - We're all just people

HAPPINESS:  It has turned into a gorgeous spring in Wisconsin.  I am loving every moment of sunshine!  A couple of weeks ago Hubby, my son and I went for a walk to a nearby nature conservancy.  As you can see, things are still budding around here. 

We heard lots of tree frogs (couldn't see them) and saw a turtle swimming in the pond.  We couldn't stay long.  Found out a few days later that my son had a tick on his head.  We were able to remove it and so far he does not show any signs of Lyme's disease.

We also went to see the Glen Gerard Magic Show.  This is our second year going to see him perform on behalf of our local Crime Stoppers.  He is amazing.  My son is really getting into magic lately and Glen was nice enough to show him how to do the card appearing in your hand trick and how to make a ball disappear from your hand.  I thought it was so cool for him to share his knowledge with my little guy!
I volunteered my Hubby for one of the tricks:

SADNESS:  Bret Michaels from the 80's band Poison suffered a hemorrhage in his brain stem last week.  I haven't followed his career since high school but he certainly touched my life in the teenage years.  Things are still touch and go but it looks like he'll pull through.  Thank God.  Is it only me who cries over these things?

Also, Wednesday as I was on my way into work my niece Kayla's song "Raw and Real" came on my MP3 player.  I had to take several deep breaths to literally keep myself from bawling.  I love this girl.  I admire her strength and honesty.  I just wish her mom were here to share it with us.  Then again, Kayla probably wouldn't be singing now if it hadn't been for losing her mom.  I believe everything happens for a reason.

THOUGHTS:  I came across this article "Justin Bieber Mania Continues as His Mom is Knocked Down" and just couldn't believe the hysteria surrounding a "star."  I have never gotten that level of excitement over another human being, not even my husband.  Of course I have a list of celebrities I'd love to meet and I'd be excited but to swarm another human being, or take away their privacy with the way they are relentlessly touched, stalked and photographed just because they are "famous."  I don't get it.

There is little that separates "them" from "us."  We all start out the same.  It is what we do with our lives that determines our potential outcome.  In the celebrity world it is also important how much money you have, who you know and what you look like.  Do those factors really measure one's value to society?  I don't think so.

One thing I do know is that who you surround yourself with is of your own choosing.  Whether you are "famous" or not you will struggle with the same internal demons or perhaps even to a greater extent when those extra pressures of living up to another's standards are placed upon you.  Life is a journey--be happy with who you are. 

CONFESSION:   Since my last update I have been guilty of not only watching but enjoying "Tori & Dean: Inn Love."  Ack, I said it.

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