October 29, 2008

Just Imagine

It was hard to get a good picture of this. It is Prism's textured paper which has a pearl finish to it. It's fab stuff but it didn't photograph too well. The paper is pure white like it looks in the middle. Maybe I'll get some sunlight and try taking a better pic.

Imagine a blank wall ready to create.
Imagine a world without prejudice and hate,
Or imagine a language no one needs to translate.

Imagine all the ways life could be great.
Imagine enough crops to put food on our plate,
and imagine life without separation of church and state.

Imagine a society not run by government mandate.
Imagine strong individuals we don't need to validate,
or imagine a heavenly home we can anticipate.

Imagine there's no wrong or right.
Imagine a country without angst and strife,
and imagine loving this thing we call life.

Just Imagine.

Copyright 2008 by Penny Brellenthin. All rights reserved.

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