October 28, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - The Path I've Chosen

Hey everyone....

Last week was a tough one for me...no particular reason...but it was rough. I felt *off* in every way possible on Friday and ended up going home sick. I slept for a couple hours in the afternoon and woke up feeling better. I completely miss the days when I had more energy...insomnia or not...I felt much more alive than I have been feeling lately. I am just about due for a med. checkup with my psych. and sense an increased dosage will be helpful for me.

I am starting to feel that energy perk up just a bit and along with it has come some clarity. I've been weighing some very big decisions lately, particularly about scrapping and writing, and where I want to go with my creativity. I have always felt propelled to continue scrapping and writing but how I choose to do that has not been clear to me. I have been able to narrow my focus on these goals and it has brought major relief and increased energy along with it.

There are a couple of things I'm working on that I can't reveal at the moment but I am praying deeply that my focus is now in the right place. If things all come together the way I'd like to, there will be tremendous peace for me to look forward to. I am stoked.

One proud accomplishment is attending a writing workshop this past weekend. It was extremely invigorating and I was surrounded by a room full of creative & kind souls. It felt surreal. And it also brought me great joy and peace.

The funny thing is the conversation I had with Hubby a couple weeks ago about my need for making more friends who focus on creativity like I do. I need that comfort and sense that I belong somewhere. For a shy soul like me this is a bit of work, but the rewards are oh so nurturing and I'm starting to learn that.

The cool thing is that literally the day after I had that conversation with my Hubby, a good friend of mine who I do not talk to frequently invited me to the writing workshop. It felt like confirmation that I am finally doing what is meant to be. How cool is that??

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