October 29, 2008

Just Imagine

It was hard to get a good picture of this. It is Prism's textured paper which has a pearl finish to it. It's fab stuff but it didn't photograph too well. The paper is pure white like it looks in the middle. Maybe I'll get some sunlight and try taking a better pic.

Imagine a blank wall ready to create.
Imagine a world without prejudice and hate,
Or imagine a language no one needs to translate.

Imagine all the ways life could be great.
Imagine enough crops to put food on our plate,
and imagine life without separation of church and state.

Imagine a society not run by government mandate.
Imagine strong individuals we don't need to validate,
or imagine a heavenly home we can anticipate.

Imagine there's no wrong or right.
Imagine a country without angst and strife,
and imagine loving this thing we call life.

Just Imagine.

Copyright 2008 by Penny Brellenthin. All rights reserved.

I'm B-A-A-A-A-C-K!

So if you read yesterday's Thursday Thoughts (and yes, I realize that it was not posted on a Thursday) you will remember me saying that I miss having insomnia. Well, someone was listening because last night I could not sleep!! I stayed up until 1 AM working on a layout. When I finally got to bed I was too stoked to sleep. Then my dog woke me up at 4 AM choking for some unknown reason. I got back to bed for another hour and a half of sleep and GUESS WHAT? I feel GREAT!!

In fact, my creative mind was going wild this morning and I began some poetry on my way into work. I *LOVE* days like that. Let's hope this little spurt lasts for awhile...

Oh...and check out these totally CUTE hand painted pumpkins that were on Joann.com today. Love 'em!

October 28, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - The Path I've Chosen

Hey everyone....

Last week was a tough one for me...no particular reason...but it was rough. I felt *off* in every way possible on Friday and ended up going home sick. I slept for a couple hours in the afternoon and woke up feeling better. I completely miss the days when I had more energy...insomnia or not...I felt much more alive than I have been feeling lately. I am just about due for a med. checkup with my psych. and sense an increased dosage will be helpful for me.

I am starting to feel that energy perk up just a bit and along with it has come some clarity. I've been weighing some very big decisions lately, particularly about scrapping and writing, and where I want to go with my creativity. I have always felt propelled to continue scrapping and writing but how I choose to do that has not been clear to me. I have been able to narrow my focus on these goals and it has brought major relief and increased energy along with it.

There are a couple of things I'm working on that I can't reveal at the moment but I am praying deeply that my focus is now in the right place. If things all come together the way I'd like to, there will be tremendous peace for me to look forward to. I am stoked.

One proud accomplishment is attending a writing workshop this past weekend. It was extremely invigorating and I was surrounded by a room full of creative & kind souls. It felt surreal. And it also brought me great joy and peace.

The funny thing is the conversation I had with Hubby a couple weeks ago about my need for making more friends who focus on creativity like I do. I need that comfort and sense that I belong somewhere. For a shy soul like me this is a bit of work, but the rewards are oh so nurturing and I'm starting to learn that.

The cool thing is that literally the day after I had that conversation with my Hubby, a good friend of mine who I do not talk to frequently invited me to the writing workshop. It felt like confirmation that I am finally doing what is meant to be. How cool is that??

October 25, 2008

Color Story Challenge #9

I created this for Color Story Challenge 9.
Cardstock (Prism)
Patterned Paper (BasicGrey, Crate Paper)
Stickers (BasicGrey, Jenni Bowlin, 7Gypsies, Creative Imaginations)
Glimmer Mist (Tattered Angels in Patina)
Fabric Brad (Mens Closet) in Scarlet Lime Kit
Flower (Prima)
Ribbon (alexx Kesh) in Scarlet Lime Kit
Marker (Zig)
Adhesive (Ad Tech Glue Runner)
Other: Butterfly Applique in Scarlet Lime Kit

Tickles from Daddy are a recent occurrence around here. You are ticklish on your neck and knees but your giggle is what gets me. I can't help but laugh too. 2/07

October 23, 2008

I'm Having a Relapse

It's been years but finally there's a new Eminem CD coming out! The teaser was just released this week and I'm *TOTALLY* in love all over again.


October 16, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Following the leader

We met with a psychologist and two grad students at the UW on Monday to talk about my son's behavior at school. The meeting lasted for two hours where we went over things very thoroughly. Right now they are gathering information from his doctors and teachers and will be observing in his classroom next week. I am told that they provide an extremely thorough report and it doesn't cost too much so I thought it was worth a shot. I am looking forward to an objective viewpoint.

This year has seemed much different for my son. He actually goes to school happy and seems very enthused about it. I wouldn't know that he's still struggling if I hadn't asked his new teachers about it.

Hubby has slowly been picking up clients - he's got five now! OK, so it's obviously not enough to pay the bills but it seems like those days are on the horizon. He also has been interviewing at several places to provide some supplemental income until his business gets busier.

I had lunch with my friend Diane last week at a really yummy cafe called Jo's Tazzina Cafe & Confectionery located just a few blocks from work. It was absolutely delicious!! I'd love to go there again.

It has been a quiet week otherwise. I've been cleaning things up including emails & my scraproom and am getting ready to have a scrap-tastic evening...maybe tonight!

Also, my new How-To was just published on ScrapFriends: How to Color With Masks. Enjoy!

October 15, 2008

Webster's Pages - Hello! Beautiful

Have you seen the new Webster's Pages release??? OMG!! They are giving it away on their blog!! Go leave them some love!

October 9, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Holy Hives Batman!

My poor son has been covered in hives since Monday.

He's never had hives before.

The doctor we took him to on Monday believes they are as a result of a virus.

Today is Thursday and he's still covered in them.

I've contacted his pediatrician today to see if she would like to see him again or to talk about allergy testing.

I can't believe it's been four days of this.

October 6, 2008

Food in San Antonio

One thing I love to document is prices. It amazes me how much prices can change in just one year. I can still remember believing we were in crisis once gas rose above $3 a gallon and now, just a few years later, we're happy if it's under $4. I love to listen to those "Remember when . . ." conversations.

I want to keep a record of my more memorable meals in San Antonio. I will incorporate this into a scrapbook page somehow. Perhaps you can find a way to do this too?

9/24/08 at 7:17 PM
Joe's Crab Shack-Riverwalk
Cheesecake Sampler $4.69
Mojito $6.99
The cheesecakes...OMG...four small slices of cheesecake on one plate...ALL FOR ME! It was over-indulgent and I couldn't finish them all though I tried my hardest! The mojito was fabulous! Cheesecake and alcohol. Sounds yummy doesn't it?? LOL!!

9/25/08 at 9:37 PM
Boudro's on the Riverwalk
Seared Gulf Tuna $21.00
Prickly Pear Margarita $7.00
Guacamole $8.00 (split into 10)
Boudro's is one of the fancier restaurants I've been too. Each night it was PACKED with people standing along the riverwalk waiting to be seated. Reservations are a must. I knew we'd be in for some great food. A party of 10 - the earliest reservation we could get was 8PM - many others attending the conference weren't able to get reservations at all and had to go elsewhere. It was clear we were at the "IT" spot.

The waitress was extremely accommodating and personable. It's one of the few places I've been where the customer actually gets put first. We ordered guacamole which would be prepared fresh table side. We got to see just how to choose a ripe avocado and each item that was placed into the mixture. My first bite must have included some of the serrano pepper because it was HOT!! I wouldn't take another bite for most of the meal, but eventually tried it again and was spared the heat.

We were told we couldn't leave without trying a prickly pear margarita. Out comes this large margarita glass with a light green and berry colored mixture with a lime wedge on the rim. I did not stir mine but drank where these two beautiful mixtures met. It was a lovely blend of salty with sweet with a little different taste to it.

This was the first time I've eaten fresh tuna steak so I had them prepare it medium rare as the waitress recommended. It was delicious with a slightly spicy sauce on top and steamed vegetables along the side. Service was outstanding.

9/26/08 at 1:15 PM
La Frite Belgian Bistro
Crab Crepe $10.50
Iced Tea $2.50
This was a quaint bistro a few blocks from our training center. It gave me images of small town Italy - just a whole different place and feel to it. The crab crepe was awesome. I couldn't believe how much crab there was for $10.50. The waitress was the cutest little thing and reminded me very much of my cousin, Sue. This is one of the few restaurants with a real hometown feel to it. Service wasn't rushed, conversation wasn't phony but sincere and relaxed.

October 2, 2008

October's Ad Inspired Challenge

I've posted October's ad on ScrapFriends. I loved the fun colors and randomness of this page. The angled journaling, the confetti floating around, and the uneven title work. Fab.u.lous I tell ya'!

Please stop on by the ScrapFriends message board to get the chocolaty scoop on this month's challenge. The prize is from Flair's Spellbound Collection...just in time to scrap those Halloween photos!!

All entries are due October 31st at 12 midnight CST.

Have fun.

October's Undiscovered Scrapper - Helen Croft

This month I had a really hard time finding an undiscovered scrapper for my monthly feature at ScrapFriends. I searched and searched I can't even tell you how many HOURS. I just wasn't feelin' it until I spotted Helen Croft's work at Scrapbook.com. This woman is amazingly talented and I discovered her! It truly feels like finding a bit of gold among the rocks. Such a great feeling!

Please hop on over to read our interview and see some of Helen's work: Helen Croft

Create everyday.

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Don't Eat the Scorpion

I spent the majority of last week in San Antonio, TX. My first time visiting Texas! It was gorgeous. Warm weather and sunny skies every day!! I stayed directly on the Riverwalk at the amazing Westin Hotel. The service there is really top notch.

I didn't get a lot of free time but I did manage to have my very first prickly pear margarita, visited the Alamo, fresh tuna and crab and purchased the mandatory souvenirs. One of which was this creepy Scorpion Sucker from Hotlix. I thought my 7 year old son would get a kick out of licking around this plastic scorpion. Only I come to find out that it is a REAL scorpion inside of this banana flavored sucker. How gross is that??? So now despite my attempt to bring home a yummy gift for my son he now has a sucker he can't eat.

Apparently these things are edible, but I certainly wouldn't try it. Everytime I think about licking that sucker and feeling a REAL insect inside I get the shivers...and so does my son...so far.

I've got so much more to say but I'll leave it for another post. Peace.

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