April 24, 2009

The Eulogy...Always a Good Reminder

Pamela Joyce H.

June 9, 1964 - April 24, 2006

Eulogy by Penny B.

My sister Pam was more than a role model for me. She was my confidante and my friend. There is a unique and special relationship between sisters that cannot be duplicated. I can't tell you the number of times that Pam has been there for me or just gave me some thoughtful advice. She was extremely giving of herself to everyone.

The tragedy that occurred on Saturday was something I prayed would never come true. It has been like a living nightmare for me and my family ever since Pam left her home. Words cannot ever describe the devastation that she left behind.

I know with all of my being that Pam did not wish for us to hurt as we do today. She would want us to remember her easy smile and her gorgeous appearance. She would want us to remember her caring nature and her willingness to be there for anyone in need. She was my sister and no one will ever replace her.

As we remember her today I want each of you to take this lesson with you and hold it close to your hearts for the rest of your lives. Each day is a precious gift. Each heart that touches ours and each hand that we are fortunate enough to hold is a special gift and we must never take that gift for granted. We must let each other know that they are part of our soul and can never be replaced. Not only must we share this knowledge but show it as well. Live each day for the gift that it is and receive happiness because of it.

Although the tragedy will weigh heavy on our hearts for the rest of our lives there has to be some good we can learn from it. Love each other well and do it freely. I love you Pam and I will miss you dearly.

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